Paper Champions


Format:  7x12min series (Telus Originails) / in development
Demographics: 18-44
Genre: Comedy
Producer:  Rogue Panda Pictures
Sales Region: Worldwide
Status: In Development / digital-series ready-to-air


An edgy and hilarious comedy set in the world of independent wrestling.


When Audrey, an aspiring writer, learns that her father passes away, she's left with her worst nightmare: running his struggling independent wrestling league and its public access TV show. This ain't the big leagues - this is a crumbling once-legendary institution that is suffering from low attendance numbers, a bad time-slot, downward ratings and all filmed in a rundown venue. Essentially, Audrey inherits a minor league male chauvinistic world and a group of misfits to match. Directed by Theo Kim (Letterkenny Problems)

About the creator

Paper Champions is loosely based on the real life experiences of creator Brady Roberts, an independent wrestler for 10 years across Canada, USA, Japan and Mexico. He started out as one of the youngest pros ever at the age of 15 and performed as ‘Brady Malibu’ internationally and on a dozen WWE tours. He also starred in a pro wrestling TV show alongside WWE hall of famer Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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